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Tim Kent, 2014



"When it was shuttered last fall, The Comet Tavern was the shittiest, scummiest, craziest place on Earth to see live music. Rakish blonde punks covered in tattoos and leather jackets seemed to run the place, a place with a bathroom notoriously filthier than the inside of Satan’s anus. The sound system was terrible and the cheap beer was even worse, but that was sort of the charm. To top it all off, it was booked by a woman named “Mama Casserole.”"

Where’s Ed Comet - Seattle Weekly

Was sad to hear of the Comet’s most recent closure. OBN III’s had the pleasure of playing there last year and it was wild. Mid-set the bartender and door-guy saw fit to throw several trashcans of garbage all over us. There was a prosthetic leg flying around. Between every song they’d turn up the house music and keep up from playing our next song.

Absolute. Chaos.

They stayed open after hours and provided all the free Olympia we could drink. Not an inconsiderable amount. During this time we all tried to pin a dollar bill to the ceiling, which was covered in them.

In February I started working at Mass Relevance after two and a half years at IBM. I was excited about this move for a number of reasons, but the above is an example of the biggest.

I learned Python and how to apply it to data sets for analysis. A large part of my current role is tracking performance of custom projects that don’t automatically report into our platform. I was spending a lot of time manually cleaning up exports and then sorting them in Excel.

This week after two days of frustration I got my first actual useful script working. The snippet I reference is part of what makes the whole thing work. I tell it where the file is and a few other things and then it just spits back the one stat I need. This will free up about half of my time to do actual analysis.

It also hints at things to come. Before I was with IBM I was a web analyst and I diligently worked on my one data silo and then with IBM I supported best practices for a web analytics product. While with IBM I started to notice that I wasn’t actually doing analysis and that most people were moving to being able to use web data a smaller subset of all of their analytic efforts.

I couldn’t merge data! I couldn’t do anything! I started getting scared. Luckily, I found a place where I could both use my existing skills and have the freedom to grow and learn new ones. I have no idea what I’ll be doing in six months, but I have a good feeling it will involve more time building things to get work done.

A post-script. I’m still a novice so my working script actually does a task twice because I told it to do the wrong thing the first time, but I didn’t want to break all of my code with a rewrite. Good thing I’m the only one who has to use this. And, yes, I know this is a terrible practice. I’ll get better- I swear!

When I remember the beleaguered state of Afghanistan in 2001, I marvel at the changes the American intervention has fostered: the rebuilding, the modernity, the bright graduates in every office. Yet after 13 years, more than a trillion dollars spent, 120,000 foreign troops deployed at the height of the war and tens of thousands of lives lost, Afghanistan’s predicament has not changed: It remains a weak state, prey to the ambitions of its neighbors and extremist Islamists. This is perhaps an unpopular opinion, but to pull out now is, undeniably, to leave with the job only half-done.

What Pakistan Knew About Bin Laden - Carlotta Gall, The International Times

Exasperated, I think that’s the word for what I’m feeling is.


austin, tx

sxsw 2014 : obn iii’s

It couldn’t name an actor match for Bison, but Capcom knew what it wanted for its quintessentially American hero: Jean-Claude Van Damme, the most famous Belgian on Earth.
AVC: You don’t trust their seriousness; you don’t trust their artistic integrity.

BG: It’s not even that. It’s more like they don’t have the conviction to pull off straying from making something genuine. They don’t have the conviction to pull off insincerity.




why are there no knock-knock jokes about freedom

because freedom rings


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