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That social networks may remain free—both costless and infinitely flexible—depends on an assumption similar to the one that underlies PPC: that your digital engagement indicates commercially viable interest. That is, social media platforms presume a link between one’s purported interests as expressed in one’s “connections” to a brand and one’s vulnerability to consuming a similar real product. (Indeed your friends have no different status, as data—under the assumption that these links are uniformly meaningful, they too can help predict what you might buy.) The cost effectiveness of targeted ads is measured by their ability to make such “conversions.” That’s the rapturous finale of targeted advertising, the end of the long con: the Conversion.

GL: What do you think this all says about prohibition and the war on drugs?

DB: It shows that moral crusades are really dangerous. People really do believe that they’re on the side of the angels, and that the ends justify the means.

The US government once poisoned alcohol to get people to stop drinking, Vox.com

The Association for the Study of Romantic Letters Presents the First Annual Conference On How to Tell Samantha I Really Like Her. 

The Role of Women in Samantha Studies: Women are awesome, and Samantha is awesome. Dating theory and Mom suggest that I will meet many other awesome women as I grow older and that I should therefore not stress this Samantha thing too hard, since there are likely “other Samanthas” out there for me. But is the conclusion of this theoretical framework really just a total lie meant to dupe me into a lonely death?


It’s Jason, ladies and Gentlemen. He’ll be here all day.

I have the best friends.

Breaking: Jonly Bonly to release debut LP on September 9th on 12XU.

I couldn’t be more excited. Dig on the debut track, mark your calendars, and save your lunch money to grab a copy.

Pre-order Here

Jason (guitar): A platinum blonde and apparently a great dancer, stands out from the pack as the odd duck.
None of this work is sexy. Rigorous evaluation, randomized trials and social impact bonds will never stir the political passion that calls for universal health insurance or lower taxes do. If anything, measurement and accountability are destined to provoke more opposition – from interest groups that have something to lose – than support. (This opposition often takes the form of, “Measurement is hard,” as if that were a reason to skip it.)

The Quiet Movement to Make Government Fail Less Often

Policy makers- the only people less willing to be mindful of data than marketers.

#albers (at Musee Des Beaux Arts-Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts)



What did that button even do!?



What did that button even do!?

Austin, TX


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