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Dirty Fingernails - The Golden Boys

Yes, people do find this enjoyable. Trailer Space featured heavily also “Good Times” Mitch Frazier as a goth. An instant classic.

Buy the record out on 12XU.

You’re welcome.


Should this man run for president? Josh Harkinson breaks down Rick Perry’s chances.

Should he: A resounding NO.

Will he: Probably.

From the above article:

Perry has emerged as a tea party hero by practicing a form of small-government fundamentalism that makes Bush look like a moderate. Facing a $27 billion budget shortfall, Perry pushed to eviscerate funding for the state’s overburdened schools and social services instead of raising taxes or even tapping the state’s $9.4 billion Rainy Day Fund. He has redefined fiscal conservatism to mean not spending crisis money at a time of crisis.