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#SXSW Music. Where To Find Me?

I have bands and you love music.

  • Wednesday | 11PM | The Best @ Beerland
  • Friday | Night | OBN III’s @ Hotel Vegas
  • Saturday | 5:30PM | Jonly Bonly @ Trailer Space Records

Side one. Track one.

Dig it, yo.

My friends are important.

You Want IT - Jonly Bonly

New band. New songs.

Orville went on tour with Bad Sports/Nobunny in September and I found myself with an entire month without a single gig or band practice. Towards the end of the month I realized I had written nearly a sets worth of material out of boredom.

A little history on the name. My grandfather and I share the same initials except his were only the letters J B Smith. So, when filling out official forms he would write, “J (only) B (only).” So, the band is named after his nickname, Jonly Bonly. I’m allowed to be sentimental.

Top 10 Albums 2012

Everything must be ranked and measured. Quantify everything.

  1. Field II - Wiccans (Denton, TX)
  2. A Message Of Love - Nazi Gold (Austin, TX)
  3. Slaughterhouse - Ty Segall Band (SF, CA)
  4. For The Love Of The Game - Natural Child (Nashville, TN)
  5. Wallpaper Music - Cheap Time (Nashville, TN)
  6. Meltdown - Mind Spiders (Denton, TX)
  7. Dirty Fingernails - Golden Boys (Austin, TX)
  8. The Tough Shits - The Tough Shits (Philadelphia, PA)
  9. Leaving Atlanta - Gentleman Jesse (Atlanta, GA)
  10. Bubblegum Graveyard - Apache Dropout (Bloomington, IN)

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Blue Rondo A La Turk - Dave Brubeck

Brubeck will be missed. This is a song that changed my life.


I’ve been dying for this to get into all of your hands since we recorded it in June. Our 2nd LP is now available for preorder. Head on over to Tic Tac Totally! to do so and preview a few tracks.

Big thanks to the fine folk at Tic Tac Totally! The LP is going to be on 180 gram vinyl, gatefold, and come with a poster for your bare walls. The whole record was recorded analog end to end and was mastered to the lacquers straight from the tape!

I’m very proud of this record. We will be performing a release show at Beerland in Austin, TX on October 24th. You’re all invited.

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