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Is This Real? - Wipers

Current jam on repeat and LOUD.

Breaking: Jonly Bonly to release debut LP on September 9th on 12XU.

I couldn’t be more excited. Dig on the debut track, mark your calendars, and save your lunch money to grab a copy.

Pre-order Here

Jam of the year. Calling it now.

#SXSW Music. Where To Find Me?

I have bands and you love music.

  • Wednesday | 11PM | The Best @ Beerland
  • Friday | Night | OBN III’s @ Hotel Vegas
  • Saturday | 5:30PM | Jonly Bonly @ Trailer Space Records

Side one. Track one.

Dig it, yo.

My friends are important.

You Want IT - Jonly Bonly

New band. New songs.

Orville went on tour with Bad Sports/Nobunny in September and I found myself with an entire month without a single gig or band practice. Towards the end of the month I realized I had written nearly a sets worth of material out of boredom.

A little history on the name. My grandfather and I share the same initials except his were only the letters J B Smith. So, when filling out official forms he would write, “J (only) B (only).” So, the band is named after his nickname, Jonly Bonly. I’m allowed to be sentimental.

Top 10 Albums 2012

Everything must be ranked and measured. Quantify everything.

  1. Field II - Wiccans (Denton, TX)
  2. A Message Of Love - Nazi Gold (Austin, TX)
  3. Slaughterhouse - Ty Segall Band (SF, CA)
  4. For The Love Of The Game - Natural Child (Nashville, TN)
  5. Wallpaper Music - Cheap Time (Nashville, TN)
  6. Meltdown - Mind Spiders (Denton, TX)
  7. Dirty Fingernails - Golden Boys (Austin, TX)
  8. The Tough Shits - The Tough Shits (Philadelphia, PA)
  9. Leaving Atlanta - Gentleman Jesse (Atlanta, GA)
  10. Bubblegum Graveyard - Apache Dropout (Bloomington, IN)

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