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At this juncture, Android has emerged as the most popular operating system (68 percent of the smartphone market, compared with Apple’s 17 percent, according to IDC), in large part because Apple doesn’t compete at the lower end.

IPhone Fever? Don’t Count Samsung Out - NYTimes.com

I use Apple products and am locked into their ecosystem and have been since iTunes was first released. It will take a lot for me to switch devices.

One thing about Android OS stats like this that make me curious is which version they are running. Most analysts are already blown away by the adoption rate for iOS 6. After one day there were more devices on the newest version of iOS than on the newest version of Android which was released months ago.

I know there are a lot of reasons why this is: Carriers limit updates, Phones are already obsolete, hardware makers focus resources on newer phones instead of backwards compatibility for older models, etc. But consistent access to the latest OS is an important differentiator and one that Google still needs to do a lot of work to achieve parity with Apple on.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed my armchair analysis of the smartphone market today. I’m qualified to do this because I’ve read a few blogs and once saw someone using an Android phone.